For nearly 20 years Helgrind have been laying waste to the metal underground, fighting against the odds and battling to bring their ferocious ‘no nonsense’ metal to the masses. From their hometown in Hertfordshire, UK, the band has generated a cult following across Europe and earned themselves the title of Thrash Metal Icons - “One of the heaviest bands on the underground scene” (

Upon formation in the year 2000, Helgrind reinvented the 80’s thrash metal blueprint, creating their own signature style; crossing all genres and aspects of metal. The band played their debut show to a sellout audience of 300, led by founding member and vocalist and bassist Paula Nelson.

Over the next 15 years the band went from strength to strength, sharing stages with the likes of Obituary, Hecate Unthroned and Return to the Sabbat and touring throughout Europe, culminating in a Manchester headline slot, performing to 1500.

2021 sees Helgrind breaking the locks to the gates of Hell, as a new era begins via their partnership with Metal Rocka Recordings: providing the band with a much-deserved platform to continue to deliver their fast, aggressive sound.

Previously responsible for thrash classics ‘Denial’, ‘Fallen Prophet’, ‘Religious Persecution’ and ‘Inquisition’; it is now that Helgrind unveil their fifth studio release - ‘Insurrection’.

A powerful sonic beast, ‘Insurrection’ represents a perfect mix of all the band’s influences - with diverse melodic undertows and an aggressive vocal sound, the record carries the ethos of the band to higher statures; charging Helgrind with the determination and brutality that stems from its very roots.

‘Insurrection’ encompasses 9 tracks in the vein of Kreator, Exodus, Death and Sodom.


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